No pros? No problems! AKASO eagerly collaborates with anyone who expresses the desire to create and share their real life and experience. Life is more than just editing.
Join us and create for ourselves!
What You’ll Get
Get the AKASO action
camera for free
You will receive an AKASO Action Camera and some accessories for free to enhance your content creation capabilities, which we believe will help you confidently present your work to the public.
Empower your personal
growth journey
AKASO is dedicated to fostering personal growth by connecting with a wider audience. We will showcase your content on our official social media, and support for social media advertising, and other resources tailored to your specific work.
Unlock potential
If we establish a successful partnership and your content shines, you may be eligible for cash reward collaboration opportunities.
Access to exclusive
As a valued member of Team AKASO, you'll enjoy exclusive discount codes that you can share with your followers and friends. Besides, you will have the chance to be among the first to experience our latest products and get other benefits.
We hope you can do that
Upload at least 5 posts (videos or photos) about AKASO on your social media within three months of receiving the camera. Please make sure accounts and posts are public.
Capture compelling content with the AKASO camera and make sure at least one video or photo features the camera itself (video clips of behind-the-scenes)
Tag AKASO official accounts and use hashtags like #akaso, #teamakaso and #actioncamera in your posts.
Email the URL of the post to the AKASO marketing team.
Flow Showcase
Submit your application and wait for our response.
The AKASO marketing team will review it soon and get back to you within 5 working days.
We will discuss and align the collaboration details.
After receiving your camera, let's share the posts about AKASO!
Spark of Creativity