Which is Your Ideal Time-Lapse Camera?


Which is Your Ideal Time-Lapse Camera?

Time-lapse clips are becoming popular over the past few years. Thus, most cameras have a time-lapse function now. 

Purchasing the perfect model of time-lapse camera is a way to capture favorite scenes. It lasts much longer than the traditional cameras. Moreover, these cameras are pretty rugged and weatherproof.

What's more, time-lapse cameras can process all your collections and create engaging mini-movies. A built-in intervalometer will shoot the images you've captured. Besides, it can also save their sequence. 

Do you need a camera with time-lapse functions? Well, there are two types of time-lapse functions to consider. It includes long-term and short-term. We will discuss all such factors in the following review.

Top 4 Cameras for Time-Lapse Features

Which camera is best for time-lapse photography? Being an experienced or beginner photographer, most likely, you asked yourself such questions.

There are many types of time-lapse cameras. As we know, every photographer wants high-quality photos. Thus, you can choose one based on the images you want to get with the camera.

Remember, your budget always determines your camera choice. High-quality cameras come with high price tags.

1. AKASO Brave 8

AKASO Brave 8 is a product of Akaso's sports camera series. It's a leading 48-megapixel sports camera. That's because it can achieve 16 times slow shooting motion and shoot 8K time-lapse video. 

Brave 8 has many accessories. It includes a couple of helmet mounts, handhelds, and many more.

Brave 8 is sturdy and stylish. Besides, its touch sensitivity is awesome. You can feel it during shooting, previewing pictures, and videos. Moreover, its charging interface is universal for android phones. 

This camera includes a 1550mAh battery. It can shoot 4K 60 fps videos for approximately 90 minutes. 



The COOAU is a reliable time-lapse camera. It can produce incredible footage with its 20-megapixel resolution. Thus, it produces great results, like shooting 4K at 30 fps. 

It also allows WiFi connections that enable you to control your camera to record videos. So, you can take pictures and transfer them to your smartphone.

Its image stabilization comes with a waterproof case. Thus, it allows photographers to shoot underwater up to 40 meters in depth. The COOAU has a lot of settings such as white balance, metering, shutter speed ISO, and many more.

Without a doubt, we can say that the COOAU is perfect for time-lapse photography. You can go for it if you are searching low budget time-lapse cameras of good quality. 

In photo mode, the COOAU has the time-lapse option. You can take images in JPEG and RAW formats. In short, the COOAU can record up to 1080 p full HD at 60 frames per second.


3. ATLI EON-black

Atli Eon can produce a photo series into a solo time slice photo. It is impressive when making a small series based on your photos. 

This camera can capture changing scenes. Thus, it brings time-lapse photography to the next level. This camera has a UV filter, mini tripod, and lens hood whereby it's app-controlled.

The Atli Eon gives content creators an affordable solution for time-lapse shooting. This camera is pretty good. It runs on a single Li-ion battery to shoot for up to 99 hours. The camera comes with a 16GB micro SD card. Yet, you can expand this storage to up to 128GB.

It has no big screen, but you can see your files using its live preview feature. Lens focusing is an advantage for long-term shooting. The images remain sharp and fixed. Atli Eon doesn't only do time-lapse, but it can as well shoot 1080P. It is helpful for live streaming. You can also set it up as a webcam.

This camera offers a large pixel size. It is perfect for excellent image capturing in low-light zones. With its app, you can connect different Atli cameras and shoot from different poles.

4. Brinno BCC200

The Brinno BCC200 is firm, efficient, and designed for long-term projects. It is the best camera for sporadic shoots that take a long time. What's more, it has an ultra-big pixel size. Thus, it works excellent for both professional photographers and beginners. 

A highly-dynamic HDR range sensor is an extra advantage. It produces stunning 720p time-lapse videos. Besides, it works well under any lighting condition hence providing ready-to-view videos.

Its battery life can last for up to 42 days. That's why many individuals prefer this camera for long-time projects.

It can operate under any weather conditions. That's because it comes with IPX4 dustproof weather resistance housing. It enables you to record any project outdoors or indoors. Brinno leads in time-lapse cameras with 112 degrees angle view.

What Features to Look in a Camera for Time-Lapse Photography?

In time-lapse photography, the camera records specific intervals and images. So, you need to look for the right features to get perfect results.

Below are some unique features to look for in the camera for time-lapse photography. 


1) Ability to Shoot RAW

Do you know what it means in your images and why it's important? RAW is the file format that captures all your image data when shooting videos and photos. 

What is essential is the high-resolution sensor and the ability to work well in low light. The ability to shoot in Raw enables you to get the highest quality images. Moreover, it also offers a greater level of brightness and better images.

2) Ability to Produce a Great Image at Night

Do you want to shoot a specific night activity? It can be star showering or any other midnight event happening in the sky. 

Then, you may buy a camera that can produce top-notch images even in complete darkness. Most cameras listed above can produce impressive images under low light. 

A standard zoom lens is fine in night photography. You buy a camera that goes into full manual mode.

3) Battery Life

Longer battery life is a basic feature and the first criterion when purchasing a camera. About 89% of photographers want longer-life batteries. It's worse to see your camera shut down in the middle of your shoot.

Time-lapse photography takes time and will use batteries very fast. Thus, it's vital to buy more batteries for your camera. Use the extra battery pair to double your battery life without having to charge it always. 

4) Memory

Memory capacity, measured in gigabytes, plays a vital role. So, having an extra memory is essential in time-lapse photography. 

You may want to fit as many images as possible in your memory. Then, getting the camera with ample storage space is mandatory.

5) Great Construction

Remember, you don't have to pay more for features you won't use. You want a decent camera with enough resolution to capture. Time-lapse cameras should last much longer than normal ones.


Final Thoughts!

Are you planning to step out of the familiar world of photography? Then you know it's time to embrace time-lapse photography.

The amazing thing about time-lapse is people prefer to see what happens. Time-lapse videos are great. They stand out as shown on trade show screens. We have shown you the ideal time-lapse cameras. Now it's up to you to go and get the amazing model.

Almost everyone likes to create stunning time-lapse videos and movies. If you know a few tricks of the job, the process is easy and fast. For longer-term projects, you can determine what results you want to get. That's why we recommended the best time-lapse cameras to shoot impressive time-lapse videos. 

Almost every camera mentioned in the above review can do a great task. Yet, if you want a specific model with great features and a moderate price, go for the Akaso Brave 8 camera.


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