AKASO Spring Giveaway: Pre-Order Brave 8 & Win Amazing Gifts

AKASO Spring Giveaway is launched! Join the event to win amazing prizes including Brave 8, Brave 7 and more. Do not hesitate to take a look here: Spring Giveaway

How to Win
1. Enter your email address and get it verified, then simply click the “Pre-Order” button to participate in the event.
2. There’re different prizes in the wheel lottery, click the “Start” button to get a chance to win the prizes.
3. Share your invitation code to your friends. Each successfully invited friend will bring both of you 2 more chance simultaneously. No limit on the number of shares.
4. The top 5 most shared winners will win AKASO P30 security camera.
5. Each participant must get verified and click the “Pre-Order” button before joining the event and sharing the invitation code.
6. Each invited friend must get verified and click the “Pre-Order” button to use the invitation code.